Monday, April 6, 2015

Quick update on what I'm working on (sorry it's been so long!)

Sorry I wasn't able to update in a couple of months, but here's what I have planned/what I've done so far:

-The story series is now (tentatively) known as The Story of Aaron.

-I have added events from a failed story I worked on all throughout 2013-14, The DFW Diaries (I had to stop immediately due to bad luck issues), where Dusty would stop a bullying attempt involving teenage girls and even substitute teach at the bullying victim's school.

-There is a character where 4-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon (big fan of him since 1995) is one of the inspirations.

-Aaron actually has 2 pen pals--not just Michelle. The other pen pal, Brandon, who writes to Aaron mentions the mysterious "Midnight Child", who in a previous post is still inspired by things I read about Josh Hartnett (O, Pearl Harbor, Hollywood Homicide) and (a younger) James Lafferty (One Tree Hill, Oculus, Crisis). (Fun Fact: The idea actually came from a dream character from a dream I had in the 1992-93 year in the state of Maryland after my mom and dad separated. When we returned to North Carolina in summer 1993, they would divorce by 1994.)

-There is another character in the works that could be the person one story revolves around, and is inspired by a weird dream had in either the 1993-94 or 1994-95 year when all I could remember were blue and pink kaleidoscopic patterns, revealing girls. The girl revealed under the pink patterns, named Amanda, is known as the "Carnation Soldier". The "Midnight Child" is looking for her, but everyone is so scared to even come near him. More details on her inspiration later.

-There are two more characters planned from Aaron's hometown of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and one is inspired by a character I drew on a sketchpad and notebook paper in 2006 in college, who is female. More on their stories later.

Well, that's it...I hope to update this blog (as soon as I get past this stupid cold I picked up over the weekend) soon... -WM86