Sunday, July 23, 2017

7/23/17 Quick Update (mostly Contestant 25-related: Main character change)

-New main character in Contestant 25, Darien Wilder, previously Dakota Warren. Thanks to LittleBigPlanet 3 a month ago, I have decided to keep my word in terms of what I said on Twitter in 2015 when I announced the novel (which was Agent 25 at the time) that the main character was female.

-Darien can be traced back to the 1999-2000 year, from a weird, strong dream had in 2000 after eating fishsticks for dinner, which resulted in me getting sick a few days later, I think, was a combination of stress and food poisoning. I was also in 8th grade at the time of the dream.

-As with the post from six months ago, the storyline is still the same. Darien is a 14-year-old charged by her U.S. Secret Service Agent parents with the task of saving the world from the villainous Sterling clan and the evil Japanese megacorporation they work for, 3654Tech, on her 15th birthday. The story still focuses on the history of video games, and still has a wacky cast of characters determined to keep Darien on her toes as she finds out the cause behind the case of missing video game controllers and consoles from history.

-This story has taken me 22 years to get perfect (yep, that's right--1995 - the year I started writing at the age of nine).

-Darien is inspired by my personality. Since she came from a dream I had in the 1999-2000 year, she is inspired by actresses Larisa Oleynik (The Secret World of Alex Mack, 10 Things I Hate About You), Jewel Staite (Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Space Cases, Firefly) and Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek).

-Other inspirations include Amanda Kimmel and Parvati Shallow (both Survivor), Ciji "StarSlay3r" Thornton and Kat "Mystik" Gunn (both WCG Ultimate Gamer), Jessie Graff and Michelle Warnky (both American Ninja Warrior), and finally Cara Maria and KellyAnne (both MTV's The Challenge).  She is also inspired by my time playing as Blaze Fielding from Streets of Rage and Tyris Flare from Golden Axe on the SEGA Genesis--the first video game console I ever owned, respectively.

-The story also revolves around two mysterious Arcade Sticks: Magenta (whose "guardian" was female) and Azure (whose "guardian" was male). This idea came from dreams I had between the years of 1993 and 1995--a couple of months before I started writing when I changed schools. More on those characters later.

-I am now writing this and The Racer Diaries in Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word. From now on, all new writing projects will be written there.

Got a busy schedule, so I'll stop the entry here. Until next time, WM86/DFW

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quick Update (sorry it's been so long) - 01-22-17

Been really busy and basically life problems kept piling up on me, so here's what I've been working on since October 2015:

-The 025 Diaries is now Contestant 25. The main character of this series is Dakota Warren, inspired by my personality, like before with Aaron Kirsch, a 16-year-old charged by his U.S. Secret Service agent parents with the task of saving the world. This story has many elements of The 025 Diaries from 2015 carried over and revolves around the history of video games, and still has the villainous Sterling clan who works for the mysterious mega-corporation 3654Tech as well as a wacky cast of characters determined to keep Dakota on his toes throughout the adventure while he finds missing video game controllers as part of an investigation by the FBI.

-Warrior25 is now The Gearbox Diaries. The main character here is Darren Wilder, also inspired by my personality and my passion for cars. The story here revolves around the sudden disappearance of famous TV and movie cars, including Danny Krueger's Subaru Impreza WRX STi from Born 2 Race (played by Joseph Cross), Johnny Tran's modified Honda S2000 from The Fast and the Furious (played by Rick Yune), Ricky Bobby's #62 Me Ford Taurus from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (played by Will Ferrell), Cole Trickle's #46 City Chevrolet Chevrolet Lumina from Days of Thunder (played by Tom Cruise), etc.

One of the main antagonists, the ringleader responsible for the thefts is rumored to be driving what appears to be Nathan Scott's 1984 Honda Accord hatchback from One Tree Hill (played by James Lafferty) and has caught the attention of the FBI and the CIA as well as Interpol. They are determined to keep this from becoming an international incident, and they need Darren's help--as always--to save the world. Another main antagonist is inspired by Brian Tee and Rick Yune (both from The Fast and the Furious series of movies) mixed with James Lafferty (One Tree Hill, Crisis, Underground, etc.) that will also keep Darren on his toes--and rumor has it both antagonists have ties to the mysterious 3654Tech as in Contestant 25.

Like Contestant 25, The Gearbox Diaries also has a wacky cast of characters determined to keep Darren on his toes throughout his adventure while he multitasks in the most treacherous, extreme conditions possible between trying to become a stuntman in Hollywood and becoming a professional race driver.

-I am also working on something new: painting cars for every mod in the PC game NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, featuring characters from both Contestant 25 and The Gearbox Diaries in the world of NR2003. I have been working on this project since March 2016. Similarly, I am doing the same thing in other games such as WWE 2K17, but only for Contestant 25 characters, as they created their own Superstars in the world of WWE in said game--the PS4 version.

And yes, I must try to update here more often -- but there's just way too much stuff going on that's preventing me from doing so, and I'd like for that to stop. Until next time, WM86/DFW :)