Monday, June 29, 2015

Quick update: 6/29/15

-I know it's a shame, seeing what I've been through in 2014, but I have decided to combine The DFW Diaries and The Story of Aaron into a new final project, Warrior25 (when I mean final, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing). This move means that all the characters I wrote in both stories (except for narrators Aaron and Dusty) are going to be in this writing project I am currently working on since Fathers' Day weekend. (I had life problems sneak up on me again...)

-Like Diaries and Aaron, the story first starts in California with a new narrator, named Ashton Hobbs. His story is inspired by my adventures in life as a babysitter and a 1-time caretaker (in 2009), and--of course--my personality. His story is also inspired by my dad's mentoring at-risk teens, and still, like I said before in an earlier post, his job as a substitute teacher since 2006. I have also brought Darren and Amanda from previous failed projects back as well.

-This Aaron this time around is an automobile enthusiast, a gamer, and a lover of music. When he and his friend, Tyler get their driver's licenses, the adventures start coming in, like, for example, helping a teen in Hemet buy her first car and it was her 16th birthday.

-However, they soon realize that they are in way over their heads when Ashton tells Aaron of a dream he had upon seeing a mysterious teen in blue walk to the DMV just as soon as Aaron and Tyler left.

-That character, however, is still inspired by dreams I had of a character from 1993-2012, and some things I read about Josh Hartnett (The Faculty, O, Pearl Harbor, Hollywood Homicide) and James Lafferty (One Tree Hill, Crisis, etc.), but this time joined by Cameron Bright (Motive, the Twilight series of movies, etc.), backed up by--still, of course--all my research I've done on the state of California (as always) from 1998-99 to now. The dream leads Ashton to believe that the teen in blue is a CIA agent, but Aaron and Tyler don't buy it at first.

-There are characters planned that are inspired by some of my favorite YouTube users, and some of my favorite Wipeout, American Ninja Warrior, and Survivor contestants.

-I am in the process of getting a new Surface RT tablet sometime this weekend. It is where I wrote The DFW Diaries (my first story written on a portable device, saved to a 16GB flash drive) before life caught up to me again. As you may have guessed, I had a feeling my old Surface was either hacked, or crashed because I had installed way too many apps.

-Again, I have got to start updating this blog more often...
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