Friday, October 16, 2015

Quick Update: 10-16-2015 / Upcoming Projects

-I am working on a new series called Project 025 (the working title was The 025 Diaries). The series follows the life and trials of teenager Aaron Kirsch, who is inspired by my personality.

Along the way Aaron meets a wacky cast of characters, such as teenagers who are NASCAR fans (two in particular are fans of Jeff Gordon (4x champion) and Tony Stewart (3x champion)), a street dancer from Compton, teenage video game reviewers who mostly review games by SEGA and Bandai Namco Entertainment (formerly Namco Bandai Games, then Bandai Namco Games), people who are fans of certain college sports teams, young dancers from Illinois and Indiana who started out in (get this) a night club, and more -- on the way to find the elusive "Midnight Child" -- and defeating the villainous Sterling clan and their evil corporation bent on world domination, as ordered by his parents who trained him for this kind of thing.

-Other projects I am working on are Gearbox Diaries (more on that later), and two YA projects -- one inspired by films such as Bring It On, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Clueless and Barely Lethal, and more; the other is inspired by all things Halloween and focuses on a mysterious character and his/her journal.

-Finally, I have switched my default font around as well when using programs such as Microsoft Office Word to write, making a total of 5 fonts I have worked with since 1998. They are Architect (Tekton), Courier New (2000-2014), Times New Roman, Gill Sans MT (2004) and now Calibri (2015-present).

That's all for now. Until next time, WM86 :)

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